I want to set you up for success! Prior to purchasing (and committing) to my program, I strongly encourage you to complete the Readiness Self-Assessment below to help you determine if your relationship is really ready to begin the Dr. Viviana Method™ for Intimate Reconnection. *Please make sure to get your partner’s input too!*

Question 1: Do either of you have any MAJOR TRUST ISSUES you haven’t resolved?

Question 2: Do you have any MAJOR MEDICAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL CHALLENGES that you are currently facing?

Question 3: Do you have any MAJOR RESENTMENTS that you have not addressed and overcome?

Question 4: Do you have any EXTENDED TIME APART planned over the next 6 weeks?

Question 5: Do you have any UNADDRESSED SEXUAL/RELATIONAL TRAUMA that you are aware of?

If you answered “YES” to any of these, please CONTACT ME to schedule a 30-minute Virtual Readiness Assessment with a DVM Provider prior to purchasing the program. The fee for this meeting is $50 and will be collected upon scheduling. Should the outcome of the Assessment meeting lead to signing up, the $50 fee will be applied toward the Premium Expert-Led Program ($2000).