Dr. Viviana Coles, provides relationship counseling for those individuals and couples (poly relationships, too) experiencing difficulty connecting emotionally and physically. Because she has focused on this particular niche throughout her career, her ability to efficiently and positively impact a failing relationship is unmatched.

Dr. Viviana sees couples in a combination of both joint and individual sessions, as needed. Her training and experience as a Systemic Brief Therapist allows for relatively quick movement from problems to solutions. Her clients can expect an appropriately directive and nurturing therapeutic approach, and she gives honest and immediate feedback during sessions. Dr. Viviana often provides her clients with assignments between sessions.

Dr. Viviana is available for:

  • Relationship and Individual Counseling ($295 per hour- Plan for 2-hour initial couples session, followed by 2 individual sessions, then 1 hour couples session over the course of 1st 3 weeks.) E therapy maybe available to out of state couples interested in therapy with Dr. Viviana.
  • Media Appearances
  • Speaking Engagements

To learn more about how you can book a counseling session with Dr. Viviana Coles or how you can schedule her for an appearance, visit our CONTACT page.