Are YOU struggling with feelings about someone other than your partner?

Do you suspect that YOUR PARTNER is interested in someone else?

Are YOU currently engaged in an affair with someone and want help ending it?

Is YOUR PARTNER telling you that they want to leave you for someone else?

Have YOU been caught cheating and want help working through it with your partner?

Is YOUR PARTNER asking you stay after you discovered their affair?

Are YOU feeling clueless as to what to do now?

I have helped individuals and couples work through betrayal/infidelity/cheating/affairs for the past 20 years. DON’T GO IT ALONE. Research shows that 70% of couples who experience infidelity end up staying together. I CAN HELP YOU SHAPE WHAT YOUR POST-AFFAIR RELATIONSHIP LOOKS LIKE. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to working through infidelity, but after working with hundreds of clients affected by betrayal and deception, I am well-equipped to help YOU recover using The Dr. Viviana Method for Affair Recovery™.