Frequently Asked Questions: Check back often for added questions and answers

Fees & Time Commitment

Q: Do you work in different states?

-Yes, we work virtually with clients from all over the United States.

Q: How many matches does the Initial Package fee cover?

– The initial package includes one “match” to go into the Dating Phase with. Because each of the 4 Dates includes a pre-date and a post-date session with our Team, focusing on 1 dating partner at a time works best to learn the most from that experience. If you want to go through the guided Dating Phase of the Dr. Viviana Method for Matchmaking with another candidate, you can sign on for that for an additional fee.

Q: Is there a Payment Plan option?

– Yes, a partial payment will be collected at the beginning of each of the 3 Phases of the Dr. Viviana Method for Matchmaking process. You may opt to Pay In Full upon acceptance as a client if you prefer.

Q: How much time would need to be dedicated to this per week?

-Approximately 1-2 hours per week

Discovery Phase

Q: How will you help to prepare me for the Dating Phase?

-During the 1st Phase of the Process, in addition to sharing what we love about you, our Team will share any glaring issues we believe may be hindering your dating life. We will help you to present your authentic and lovable self in person and online in order to attract your best match.

Q: Can I bring my own potential match and have them go through the Dr. Viviana Method for Matchmaking to get guidance on our compatibility?

-Absolutely! We would love to help you both!

Matching Phase

Q: How do you search for potential matches?

-We are continuously growing our network throughout the United States. We use word-of-mouth, radio, internet, social media, TV, events, etc.. We don’t publicly share any identifying information about our clients. Instead, we share information about the desired single we are looking for.

Q: Will I have to travel for dates or are they local?

-We will do our best to find a suitable match within your local area, unless you have requested otherwise.

Q: What if there aren’t ANY matches?

– While we anticipate this will not be an issue, we cannot ethically guarantee that there will be “matches” for our clients. Because we are not like other dating and matchmaking agencies who guarantee “matches” for their clients by having a database of persons to pair up for dates regardless of compatibility, we hope to always have at least one suitable match to go through the Dating Phase with each of our clients. Our mission is to always have the experience of the Dating Phase be at the forefront so our clients learn how to date and what to look for and who to steer clear of for long-term relationship success. We can also discuss you bringing in your own choice of match to go through the Dating Phase with.

Q: Do we get to choose who we want to meet out of the matches that are found?

– When there are multiple options to choose from, our Team will ultimately make the decision of who to send you on your first 2 dates with.

Q: Who chooses whether or not to get together? The man or the woman?

– Neither. Our team will very thoughtfully consider any potential matches.

Q: What happens if there are multiple match options?

-We may consult with you in order to choose who would be the best candidate . You can always choose to repeat our process with our help with the other candidates if you’d like for an additional fee.

Q: What happens if I don’t find my matches attractive?

-Attraction is not able to be guaranteed. We will work with you regarding lack of attraction on a case-by-case basis.

Dating Phase

Q: Will the candidate have any choice on physical appearance of their match? What if I have a “type” in mind?

– Through the very extensive getting to know who you are process, we will uncover/discover who is a realistically compatible partner looks-wise. We will be more likely to look for someone that is your type only if that person make sense for you in the grand scheme of things. The priority is on finding someone whose personality and lifestyle is a match.

Q: What happens if the first match doesn’t work?

– Because our primary goal is to help you take away some very useful and valuable tools and skills from process, we ask that you, excluding extenuating circumstances, follow the Dr. Viviana Method for Matchmaking process as is. We will reach out to you if someone else joins our community that we think could be a great match.

– If you would like to go through the Dating Phase with someone else, you may choose to do so for an additional $500.

Q: Is the first date a Blind Date?

– Yes, it is. A member of our Team will silently (no audio/camera) observe this virtual date to gain insight and be able to provide guidance during the post-date feedback session.

Q: Are we allowed to communicate with each other between in-person dates?

– Yes, but we ask that you share it with us during our pre-date and post-date sessions.

Q: Would we date multiple matches at once?

– Dating multiple partners simultaneously is not recommended during this process. We would like for you to be able to focus on one dating partner at a time so that both we and you can learn the most about what you need and what does and does not work for you in a relationship. It helps us to get very clear about who you are most compatible with.