OVERALL INVESTMENT: $3540 (incl. $40 application fee)
PHASE 1: DISCOVERY ($2000.00 installment fee due prior to starting this phase)
The first phase is about a month-long and is a variety of unapologetically invasive questionnaires, assessments, background checks, and one-on-one virtual meetings with our Matchmakers.
PHASE 2: MATCHMAKING ($1000.00 installment fee due prior to starting this phase)
Now that we have established what kind of partner you should be looking for, our Team will begin to search for compatible matches. During this time, we will put any potential matches through a similar if not identical process to ensure shared commitment and compatibility. Once we have any suitable matches, we will walk you through our unique Dating method, which includes pre-date prep and post-date feedback sessions to make sure that each dating experience can be improved upon and builds confidence.
PHASE 3: DATING & BEYOND ($500.00 installment fee due prior to starting this phase)
Relationship Expert Dr. Viviana has developed a unique, new Dating method which consists of a series of 4 dates (details shared with clients). We believe there is so much that can be learned from this process in such a short amount of time so our clients will feel both supported and challenged, but will not feel like their time is being wasted. In addition to going through the dating phase, you will also meet with a Team member for 1/hour each month for 3 months. You may add additional check-ins for an extra fee.