Take this quiz to see if you're really ready to get help from VIVID Relationships: Matchmaking Agency. NOTE: If you answer FALSE to 3 or more, we don't believe working with us will be appropriate at this time, but feel free to check back in once your feelings/circumstances change. You can email us anytime at vividrelationships@gmail.com!

I am single and wanting a lifelong monogamous partner now.(Required)
I wonder if maybe I don't know who I should be looking for and my "picker is broken."(Required)
I have exhausted traditional dating methods and want something radically different.(Required)
I've looked for dating help from friends, family and am now open to talking to professionals.(Required)
I'm not perfect, but I have worked on myself and feel like I am a great catch for the right person.(Required)
I have trouble getting beyond the first few dates with someone.(Required)
I want someone to tell me what I'm doing right/wrong and give it to me straight.(Required)
I am willing and able to invest time (about 1 hour/ week for about 3 months), energy (you'll be expected to be very open and very honest), and money (a few thousand dollars) in the name of love.(Required)
I have researched Dr. Viviana and believe she is dedicated to helping me to find lasting love.(Required)
Would like to have a member of the VIVID Relationships team reach out to you via email?(Required)